7 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste in Bromley

Nowadays, people around the world are getting more and more conscious about reducing plastic waste. It’s a major contributor to a lot of global problems. Issues such as global warming, climate change etc. A lot of these problems arise when after rubbish removal Bromley, the junk just gets dumped into the landfill. Plastics aren't like other materials. They take years and years to biodegrade. They’re not environmentally beneficial in any way. During this time, they can cause a lot of harm. That’s why more and more people, especially in major cities such as Bromley, are doing their level best to reduce the amount of plastic rubbish that gets dumped during waste removal.

The government, local council in Bromley are doing their bit too. So, collectively, things are going in the right direction. But there’s still more that can be done. There are little things that people aren’t aware of. These little things, if addressed correctly, can make a whole lot of difference. It’s just about taking these ideas on board. Try them out. Then collectively, we as a capital in Bromley, and then ultimately the country and beyond, can start to make changes and our planet and delicate ecosystems will reap the rewards. Here are 7 ways to reduce plastic rubbish.

  1. The first and best way to reduce plastic waste is by recycling. As previously mentioned, your local council in Bromley should be doing their bit in order to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your items. This doesn’t just go for plastics. This is about recycling in general. Bromley council have provided residents with different bins for different types of waste. Simply sort your rubbish and put it in the appropriate bin. Councils then have different rubbish collection days for different types of waste, including plastic recycling. Most are good at sticking to these waste collection days. So, it should be easier than ever for you to sort and recycle your plastics and prevent them from going to landfill in the process. But ensure you sort your items correctly. A lot of rubbish that’s been put into recycling can’t actually be recycled because they’re the wrong items, wrong materials. Just ensure you know what goes where then leave the rest up to your Bromley council.


  1. The next best alternative to recycling is reusing your items. Think about all the plastic you have in your trash when getting started on rubbish clearance. Can any of it be reused? Could you find a use for the item in another capacity? Things like bottles can be used again. Take out containers and Tupperware can be washed and used to store items in your fridge. Everything you reuse means it's not getting chucked away into landfill during rubbish clearance. People are generally getting better at reusing items. A lot of shops, establishments, now cater to the eco-friendly warrior. If you want to come in with your plastic containers, shops should now accommodate you.


  1. We actually use a lot of plastic products without knowing it. For example, lots of plastics are used in everyday consumer products. Steer clear of ingredients that have polyethylene and you will reduce the need for waste clearance.


  1. Just use less plastic. It sounds obvious and it is. The less plastic you use, the less plastic you’re going to be throwing away. A lot of places have cottoned onto this fact. For example, plastic carrier bags are seriously bad for the environment. They can take around a 1000 year to degrade. So, a number of shops have stopped using them, or charge people for the privilege. More and more people are bringing their own reusable bags, bags for life, in which to carry their shopping.


  1. Shop in bulk. Buy in bulk and this will generally mean you have less waste for rubbish disposal. Use refilling stations, and this will reduce waste disposal.


  1. This ties into the last section. But an alternative is to use cardboard instead of plastic. If you have a choice, buy items that are in boxes rather than in plastic bottles.


Steer clear of unnecessary items such as straws. They’re a big problem when it comes to waste removal. For the purposes of being eco-friendly with your rubbish removal, just think, do I really need this?

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